Our Superlative Solution: ePlannerPro is Web-based solution built for Event Managers to make their tough tasks
simpler. We’ve spent thousands of hours studying how event organizers work. The outcome is a constantly evolving
solution with both powerful functionality and unparalleled ease of use.


  • Multiple Event Management
  • Online Event Registration with Custom Forms
  • Event Dashboard with Drilldown Functionality
  • Agenda (Appointment) Management Directly through Calendar View
  • Role Based Users and Accessibility Management
  • Multiple Types of Attendees Hierarchical (Grouping) Management
  • Email Invitations and Contact List Management
  • Automatic Outlook Notices with Time-Zone Consideration
  • Accommodation and Travel Management
  • Well-Defined, Flexible Custom Reports
  • Post-Event Feedback Management
  • Export and Import of Data

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